UCI Appointments

 Office Staff:
Manage Appointments

Set up office schedule for appointments, view appointments, and check-in visitors for their appoitments.

Manage Appointments
 Office Visitors:
Schedule Appointments

Schedule appointments online with participating offices on campus, view details of your appointments, and cancel existing appointments.

Schedule Appointments
 Support and Feedback

For questions about appointment availability or scheduled appointments, contact the office directly.

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For help with or questions about the UCI Appointments application, please check out our help documentation site. If you cannot find what you need or need additional help or information, please contact the Student Success Technologies team.

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What is UCI Appointments?

UCI Appointments is an online system for keeping track of appointments for UCI offices. It allows office managers and staff members to set up their availability, and then for appointments to be made with that office online.

UCI Appointments is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning (OVPTL) and maintained by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

What can UCI Appointments do?

UCI Appointments is a flexible appointment scheduling system that provides self-service for approved office visitors as well as robust appointments management for office staff. Some features are listed below.

For office staff:

  • Creates appointment slots automatically based on your office schedule and your availability
  • Integrates with your Outlook Exchange calendar to automatically prevent appointments from being created during existing meetings
  • Sends reminders via email of upcoming appointments
  • Allows you to specify who has access to scheduling appointments
  • Allows you to manually set up appointments for visitors

For office visitors:

  • Displays office availability so you can schedule your own appointments conveniently online
  • Allows you to view or cancel your own existing appointments

Who can use UCI Appointments?

Any office at UCI may be set up to use UCI Appointments. If you are interested in using UCI Appointments or have questions about it, please refer to our help documentation site for a recorded demo of the system and for information about having your office set up.


Please explore our help documentation site which has a variety of information about UCI Appointments in addition to answers to common questions.

Office Visitors:

Office Staff: